Things to do near Meadview, AZ.

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Hoover Dam

While there are quite enough things to envision and revel at Hoover Dam, guests may also marvel at, and even stroll across, the newly-completed Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. It is the world’s tallest concrete arch bridge, and the first concrete-steel arch composite bridge within the U.S. and stands eight hundred eighty feet above Hoover Dam. The 1,905-foot-long synthetic bridge connects the roadway from Nevada to Arizona, named after heroes from each state. Those that are willing, can brave the height of this bridge with a walk across and opportunities to take photos and sightsee.

Grand Canyon Skywalk

Soaring four thousand feet above the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is a modern marvel that offers visitors breathtaking views of this awe-inspiring natural wonder. Showcasing the canyon and all of its rugged majesty, this one-of-a-kind glass bottom bridge is an experience like no other. The u-shaped observation deck stretches seventy feet beyond the canyon’s rim. Although it appears to be floating on air the structure is rock-solid. The Grand Canyon Skywalk is built to withstand an eight point zero magnitude earthquake, so it definitely built with structure strength in mind. Constructed of 1.2 million pounds of steel and glass, you can be sure this will hold up for a long time. Enjoy looking down on the Colorado River from four thousand feet, at the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Nelson Ghost Town

Nelson was the first major gold strike in Nevada from 1858 to 1945. The mines in Nelson were extremely active, producing millions in revenue from gold, silver and lead mining. This town was created by many civil war deserters looking to strike it rich in the hills of Nevada. During the prime of Nelson, now known as Nelson Ghost Town, there were disagreements among settlers that often ended in killings through the town. Being directly downstream of the El Dorado Canyon, bringing flash floods, proved to the reason this town is now the Nelson Ghost Town, with no residents but visitors from all over the globe.

The Grand Canyon Caverns

The Grand Canyon Caverns are found along Route-66 in the desert of Arizona. The Grand Canyon Caverns are often referred to as ‘the hole in the ground’, obviously due to the caverns being underground. These caverns reside twenty-one stories below ground and open a whole world of exploration and history. The Grand Canyon Caverns are a dry cavern and also considered a dead cavern because there are no bats, bugs, snakes, nor anything living. Of course, besides the workers and guests that visit and tour the caverns. While touring these caverns you can see many different types of animals remains from falling beneath the surface, some from hundreds of years before. Due to the dry cave, conditions for mummification are perfect and natural.
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