Hoover Dam

...less than ninety minutes from Meadview RV Park.
        Hoover Dam intersects the southeast corner of Nevada and the northwest corner of Arizona and contains Lake Mead. By volume, Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the U.S. when it's full. The dam was completed in 1936, two years ahead of schedule. When hearing the description of Hoover Dam it may sound like a simple construction project, however, it is an instance of fine American engineering and many consider it a modern marvel.
        They established Boulder City as a town to house all the people that came to work on the Hoover Dam construction. During that time, Las Vegas only had a population of five thousand. Soon after the construction began Las Vegas grew to a population of ten to twenty thousand. The construction of Hoover Dam was during the Great Depression. During that time having work was important, and many men took the opportunity to build, but the conditions were rough due to the high temperatures being above 100 degrees during most days.

         While there are quite enough things to envision and revel at Hoover Dam, guests may also marvel at, and even stroll across, the newly completed Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. It is the world's tallest concrete arch bridge, and the first concrete-steel arch composite bridge within the U.S. and stands eight hundred eighty feet above Hoover Dam. The 1,905-foot-long synthetic bridge connects the roadway from Nevada to Arizona, named after heroes from each state. Those that are willing, can brave the height of this bridge with a walk across and opportunities to take photos and sightsee.
          Touring Hoover Dam is an interesting and fun opportunity to learn what this dam is all about. Hoover Dam Tour is guided and permits guests to explore the lesser-known elements of the dam. Another good tip is that the Hoover Dam Tour is longer than the Powerplant Tour. Visitors ought to know that the Hoover Dam Tour includes a one hour guided tour of the Powerplant and passageways inside the dam itself. Comparably the Powerplant Tour is a thirty-minute tour of the Powerplant alone. Each tour includes admission to the Visitor Center.