Fisherman's Landing

...grab a meal and share a fish story.
       When visiting Meadview, you need to be sure to stop by and visit Fisherman's Landing to get a tasty bite of delicious food, and something to quench your thirst. Fisherman's Landing is a fantastic bar and offers nice, happy hours, shuffleboard, and billiards. We also play fun, classic music that is for all ages! We offer packaged liquor, ice, and an improbable variety of snacks and soda. It is all great for a trip to the lake or your Meadview RV Park site. Our eatery is tremendously clean and has a friendly, inviting environment. Pricing here at Fisherman's Landing is reasonable and affordable. We provide a bar that you can cozy up to, or enjoy one of the table seating arrangements that we have to offer. Fisherman's Landing also provides a limited menu that compares to most any bar you would find around the country. Offering a friendly and casual environment to enjoy a meal or just a quick bite. We also provide a selection of tackle if you are on your way over to Lake Mead to enjoy some fishing.
This place has the perfect name as it is themed around the fisherman. Even if you aren't a fisherman, it's a great place to visit. You can come by yourself to make new friends, with your family in the casual setting of dining, or with your friends for a night out. This place is also very familiar to those that may need a place to eat and enjoy meals on weekends and evenings. As mentioned, this is a great place to eat food and enjoy friendly faces! We often have karaoke and live bands entertaining visitors from all around. Overall, this is a fun, casual environment where you can eat good food, have a drink, play games, and enjoy the incredible ambiance built right in.